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Delaware vs Colorado Corporation

Delaware vs. Colorado Corporation: What Makes Sense for My Business


There are many reasons to start your corporation in Delaware. But for most companies, forming in Delaware only makes sense if you have…

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Business Contract Mistakes

10 Business Contract Mistakes

Having to negotiate and formalize a contract is great news for a startup. It means you’re in business! But it also means you’ve come to a place where your choices and actions have real consequences.


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what to do when someone wants to acquire your company

What To Do When Someone Wants to Acquire Your Company

If you’re reading this, there’s a good change that congratulations are in order. Someone is very interested in what you’re doing.

But best not to get too excited yet.

There’s a lot of work ahead before you get to your final destination.

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21 ways to raise capital for your startup

21 Ways to Raise Money for Your Business

So often, startups find themselves locked into thinking that there’s only one or two ways to acquire enough capital to get started. But, as this series shows, there are many ways to raise money.

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Splitting Equity

How to Split Equity in Your Startup (Updated)

Most startup founders have a pretty basic understanding of how to split equity in their startup.

“I want to split equity 70-30” or “I want to split it 50-50.”

That’s an okay starting point, but it doesn’t get you all the way there. To get it right, you need to understand the little nuances. And you need to ask the right questions:

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