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September, 2014

From Google Glass to Go Phone

In June, 2014 I bought a Google Glass. For about 20 minutes, I thought I was the coolest thing in the world. Until I wore them for another half an hour and then the battery died. Regardless, I suspect that my identity in the Denver startup community is closely tied to my Glass. There are many who know me […]


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Founders’ Dilemmas: Obligations to Other Employers

The vast majority of early-stage businesses operate in what I like to call “the hairy netherworld of in-between.” This is the stage where the founders have developed a fledgling concept, generated some excitement, done some early developmental work, but not all the founders have committed to the idea full time yet. This is a natural […]

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The Ultimate Startup Checklist

Startup Checklist

By combing the Interwebs, poring through my personal library, and applying my own experience in working with more than 100 startups, I’ve compiled this checklist of 25 items to review and consider as you launch your startup. I hope you find it useful. Decide whether starting a business is right for you and what kind […]

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