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October, 2015

Startup Shortcuts — Week of 10/23

What makes a startup? Businesses have been starting up for centuries, but the term “startup” gained traction with the dot-com boom and bust. Companies that were nothing became million dollar entities within a year and then just as quickly plummeted back to earth. is the most noted example. Conceived in 1998, the company raised […]

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Startup Shortcuts–Week of 10/16

Startup stories of the week: interesting articles curated from around the startup blogosphere. We all know that Google recently restructured and is now part of the larger entity Alphabet, of which Google is the largest company by far. The move signaled Google’s aspirations. This piece by TechCrunch looks back at some of Google’s acquisitions, many of which became […]

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New Meetup — What documents do you need when starting a business?

The wait is over. We have a new Meetup coming up to teach you what documents you need when starting a business! New Meetup: Thursday October 27th, 2015: 6 pm. Where? Galvanize Golden Triangle Campus: 1062 Delaware Street, Denver CO Meetup Page: RSVP Here The most commonly asked question for a startup lawyer is, “what documents […]

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What’s in a (company) name?

Would Apple by any other name be just another computer company? Would Relational Software wield the same clout as Oracle does today? Would the Musk Model S be as powerful, efficient, and sexy as the Tesla Model S? Powerful and efficient, yes. Sexy, maybe not. The name of your company is the first thing anything knows about you. If […]

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The Double Bottom Line

The bottom line measures performance using conventional fiscal metrics. But, a business is more than revenues minus expenses. Companies impact community and the environment in many different and often immeasurable ways. The “double bottom line” attempts to account for these externalities. But because the social impact of a company is so hard to measure, the double bottom line […]

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