Most traditional law firms charge between $2,500 and $10,000 JUST to form your business and to provide you the basic incorporation documents.

What if I told you at Colorado Startup Lawyer, you could get a top-quality, experienced attorney with an elite pedigree to form your business and provide you with all of those same documents for less than $2,000? Not only that, but we’ll throw in a professional trademark search and filing for your business name or brand. Plus, at that same price, we’ll give you a terms of service and privacy policy for your website.

How can we afford to do all of this at such a low price?

First, we’re simply more efficient than most law firms. Because we have created these documents so many times before, we have effective, simple, streamlined processes to create them quickly and efficiently. Other law firms that have no focus in their practice simply can’t compete with this.

Second, we’ve cut out all of the fat. Most traditional law firms have huge, fancy offices with marble floors; most traditional startup law firms spend huge amounts of money sponsoring the major accelerators and startup events (the lowest tier of TechStars sponsorship costs $10,000). We don’t. We keep it simple. The only thing that matters to us is providing the highest quality legal services at the best price. Our lawyers used to work for those big firms, but now we’ve created a better system to deliver better legal work at a much lower price.

Third, we’re not using business formation packages as a huge profit center. For us, it’s an opportunity for us to earn your trust. Our goal is to introduce ourselves to you at a price that will keep the lights on, and then earn your business so that you’ll stay with us as you grow and thrive as a successful business. Our lawyers have experience representing brand-new businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to earn your trust when you’re just getting started and then keep it so that you’ll stick with us as you grow.

If that sounds like a deal that you could be interested in, give me a call at 720-432-9769 or send me an email at [email protected].

This offer is limited to only ten clients per month, so call to reserve your package now.