Why Your Kickstarter Project Should Form a Limited Liability Company

Kickstarter alone has led to almost 3 billion dollars of funding to nearly 120,000 projects. Crowdsourcing has become a viable alternative to traditional funding sources, whether the focus is launching a specific project or building a business. The success stories of crowdsourced funding are as varied as the projects funded. However, the lessons from failed … Read More

The Stupidest Mistake Startups and Small Businesses Make

In Colorado, creating a new business entity is simple. It costs $50 and takes fifteen to twenty minutes to set up online. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean people don’t get it wrong. In fact, many thousands of people get it wrong every year. In Colorado, every Limited Liability Company is required to include … Read More

Corporate Governance for Small Businesses

Well-run businesses have processes that work. Those who run the company have put thought into the processes. They’ve studied them, documented them, and formalized them. They leave no doubt about who made each decision and when. They leave a trail of evidence that supports the reasonableness of each decision and the methods that the company … Read More