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What You Need to Know Before Buying or Selling a Business in Colorado

Most business owners and many lawyers underestimate the nuances of how state and local laws can affect the purchase or sale of business. While many of the laws and legal boilerplate that you might see in a purchase transaction will be consistent across state lines, there are some critical ways in which they differ. Understanding […]

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Summary of Colorado Blue Sky Laws (Updated)

Summary of Colorado Blue Sky Laws

I’ve found that while entrepreneurs have an excellent sense of the law when it comes to term sheets and venture deals, they have a much more limited understanding of securities laws. What’s worse, many lawyers I’ve talked to aren’t aware of the details of Colorado’s securities laws, either. Most competent attorneys know about the basics […]

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What’s in a (company) name?

Would Apple by any other name be just another computer company? Would Relational Software wield the same clout as Oracle does today? Would the Musk Model S be as powerful, efficient, and sexy as the Tesla Model S? Powerful and efficient, yes. Sexy, maybe not. The name of your company is the first thing anything knows about you. If […]

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An Analogy on Negotiation

I volunteer as a Guardian Ad Litem with the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center. Basically, what this means is that when there is an incident of alleged domestic violence that involves a restraining order and there are children included in the order, I investigate what’s happened to ensure that the children’s rights are protected. Sometimes, […]


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