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Denver Startup Week

Denver Startup Week (DSW) is big. It is the largest free entrepreneurial event in the world. Sponsored by JP Morgan Chase, DSW’s success has inspired Chase to create other Startup Weeks in cities like Seattle, Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Dallas. Indeed, the success of Startup Week parallels that of a startup. It is young, only […]

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Last year at this time I was on a plane heading back from the Boston Marathon. This year, I’m trying to come to grips with a tragedy that feels both deeply personal and remote at the same time. As a runner, I feel as if someone attacked my friends. As a person, I feel sick. […]

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Monday Links

1. Has Kickstarter peaked? 2. Big law firms are consciously overbilling their clients? Noooooooooo… I refuse to believe it. 3. Fascinating case about who owns your online persona. A company tried to purchase someone’s LinkedIn account, and then blocked her out of it after she left the company. This turned out to be a bad […]


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Tuesday Links

1. What you can learn from from Macklemore about building a successful startup. 2. No shortage of excitement about Defense of Marriage Act arguments in the Supreme Court. For my money, I’m thinking the Supremes dodge the issue on standing grounds. 3. West Virginia is looking to ban google glass on the state’s roads. I […]

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