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Startup Shortcuts — Week of 10/23

What makes a startup? Businesses have been starting up for centuries, but the term “startup” gained traction with the dot-com boom and bust. Companies that were nothing became million dollar entities within a year and then just as quickly plummeted back to earth. is the most noted example. Conceived in 1998, the company raised […]

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The Double Bottom Line

The bottom line measures performance using conventional fiscal metrics. But, a business is more than revenues minus expenses. Companies impact community and the environment in many different and often immeasurable ways. The “double bottom line” attempts to account for these externalities. But because the social impact of a company is so hard to measure, the double bottom line […]

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Startup Shortcuts, Week of September 14th

What is the secret to a successful startup? That is a question with many answers. Via Techcrunch, this article offers three lessons learned from working with the Kogi BBQ company, a pioneer in the food truck industry. The main takeaway? Creating a culture that your employees and customers embrace. Speaking of culture, this piece from the New York Times […]

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