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Why Your Kickstarter Project Should Form a Limited Liability Company

Kickstarter alone has led to almost 3 billion dollars of funding to nearly 120,000 projects. Crowdsourcing has become a viable alternative to traditional funding sources, whether the focus is launching a specific project or building a business. The success stories of crowdsourced funding are as varied as the projects funded. However, the lessons from failed […]

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Seven Rookie Mistakes Startups Make When Raising Money

1) Working with the Wrong Kind of Investors There’s a saying in the startup world: “the first money that goes in determines how much money, if any money at all, comes in after.” Regular startup investors are an incestuous lot, and they’re usually a pretty sophisticated group, too. If you look at the resumes of superstar […]

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Why Hiring a Good Startup Lawyer is About More Than Just Documents

When you’re a startup lawyer, part of your job is to serve as a document merchant. It’s part of the job, but it’s probably my least favorite part of the job. I love learning from startups. I love working with startups. Working with growing startups to make them better — that’s just what we do. Providing high-quality documents […]

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Startup Shortcuts — Week of 10/23

What makes a startup? Businesses have been starting up for centuries, but the term “startup” gained traction with the dot-com boom and bust. Companies that were nothing became million dollar entities within a year and then just as quickly plummeted back to earth. is the most noted example. Conceived in 1998, the company raised […]

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What’s in a (company) name?

Would Apple by any other name be just another computer company? Would Relational Software wield the same clout as Oracle does today? Would the Musk Model S be as powerful, efficient, and sexy as the Tesla Model S? Powerful and efficient, yes. Sexy, maybe not. The name of your company is the first thing anything knows about you. If […]

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The Double Bottom Line

The bottom line measures performance using conventional fiscal metrics. But, a business is more than revenues minus expenses. Companies impact community and the environment in many different and often immeasurable ways. The “double bottom line” attempts to account for these externalities. But because the social impact of a company is so hard to measure, the double bottom line […]

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Denver Startup Week

Denver Startup Week (DSW) is big. It is the largest free entrepreneurial event in the world. Sponsored by JP Morgan Chase, DSW’s success has inspired Chase to create other Startup Weeks in cities like Seattle, Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Dallas. Indeed, the success of Startup Week parallels that of a startup. It is young, only […]

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Startup Shortcuts, Week of September 14th

What is the secret to a successful startup? That is a question with many answers. Via Techcrunch, this article offers three lessons learned from working with the Kogi BBQ company, a pioneer in the food truck industry. The main takeaway? Creating a culture that your employees and customers embrace. Speaking of culture, this piece from the New York Times […]

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