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The First Rule of the Law of Web Scraping

The first rule of the law of web scraping is this: Details matter. As I’ve written before, there are dozens of laws associated with web scraping. As such, no single “three-part test” can tell you whether what you’re doing is legal or not. The only way to properly assess that is to look into the … Read More
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The SEC, Web Scraping, and Material Non-Public Information

Web scraping has recently come under scrutiny from regulatory agencies that investigate securities laws. Increasingly, investment firms have been using web scraping as an alternative form of data collection. To bolster more traditional data sets like SEC filings and financial statements, investment firms have been going directly to websites and online resources to get information … Read More
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About that Crazy Delaware Franchise Tax Bill…

Note: The numbers relating to Delaware’s tax rates below are accurate at the time this article was drafted. Delaware may change its charges; you should confirm those numbers at the time of filing. Delaware’s annual tax on corporations, which it calls a franchise tax, is due March 1st each year. There are two methods of … Read More
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Are Bots Legal?

Bots are perfectly legal. Unless, of course, they’re programmed or designed to do illegal things. To paraphrase legal scholars Mark Lemley and Bryan Casey, well-drafted laws prohibit verbs, not nouns. There are millions of ways that you could code or program an automated system that generates almost no legal risk whatsoever. And there plenty of … Read More
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A Comprehensive Legal Guide to Web Scraping in the US

TL;DR Web scraping is a complicated legal subject involving more than a dozen different laws. As such, it’s not possible to summarize all the legal issues associated with web scraping in just a few hundred words. That said, you can read the bolded sections here and the infographics in just a few minutes and learn … Read More
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