“How do I lower my legal bills?”
“What should I do to cut my legal costs?”
“How do I save money on lawyers?”

Whatever you searched to get here, you’re reading this for one reason:

We live in uncertain times. The coronavirus has disrupted business as usual. It’s unclear when your business can return to normal operations and what the landscape of “normal” will look like then.

Now more than ever, you need to take a hard look at your expenses.

And if you’re working with a large law firm, a major expense is that 5-figure monthly legal bill you’re paying.

You know the importance of legal compliance, of doing things correctly now. You know trying to fix problems later will cause substantial expense and delay. And you don’t want to see the fruits of your labor eaten up in fines and legal fees to fix those mistakes.

You want to work with top-quality lawyers. But you don’t want to pay those Big Law prices.

That is what McCarthy Garber Law provides. We are attorneys from top law schools who worked for Big Law. We’ve earned our chops working for Fortune 500 companies, working at firms with the highest legal standards for corporate structure, compliance work, litigation, and appeals.

And we’ll charge you a fraction of what you’re paying now at Big Law.

We form corporations, draft agreements, usher clients through multi-million-dollar capital raises, and provide experienced guidance on how to build a stable and compliant business. We assist in negotiating major deals, funding, and acquisitions. And we advise on and handle most litigation in house.

And if you decide to cash out down the road, we’re happy to go toe to toe with Big Law to negotiate the terms of that sale.

And we’ll do all of it for a fraction of what you’re paying now.

In the meantime, why are you paying high hourly rates you don’t need to pay?