New Meetup — What documents do you need when starting a business?


The wait is over. We have a new Meetup coming up to teach you what documents you need when starting a business!

New Meetup: Thursday October 27th, 2015: 6 pm.
Where? Galvanize Golden Triangle Campus: 1062 Delaware Street, Denver CO
Meetup Page: RSVP Here

The most commonly asked question for a startup lawyer is, “what documents do I need when starting a business?”

The answer, as it is for many legal questions, depends on what type of business you want your startup to be. On October 27th, Kieran McCarthy, the Colorado Startup Lawyer, will answer this question for three different types of startups, LLCs, closely hold corporations, and growth startups. He will discuss IP assignment agreements, operating agreements, and stock purchase agreements among other legal documents.

If you are thinking about starting up your business, or just want to learn, this meetup will be informative and comprehensive. You can learn more about the event and submit any question you might have on our Meetup Page. We hope to see you there.

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