Legal Services for Startups & Savvy Businesses in Colorado

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We want to help startups and small businesses. That’s our mission.

We work with businesses, from startups to multi-million dollar companies, and we understand that to get the latter, you need to start at the former. If you have a small business or an early-stage startup that uses data in fairly standard ways and are looking to comply with the law without breaking the bank, this template may be the simplest and most effective way for you to make that happen.

For less than the cost of a standard hour of lawyer time at our firm, you can purchase a framework to help you comply with one of the most complex laws in the world.

Please note: GDPR is a highly complex law that requires businesses to meet numerous detailed requirements based specifically on how you operate your business. To be clear: this template requires you to review how you process personal data, consult with your tech personnel when needed, and spend a few hours providing factual information concerning your business.

Depending on what your business is doing (as examples, if you are obtaining information from children under the age of 16; engaging in automated processing; or, collecting various data relating to race, religion, or political affiliation), you may ultimately need to consult legal counsel regardless. Further, this template is only designed for businesses with fewer than 10 employees and less than $2 million in annual revenue.