Startup Shortcuts–Week of 10/16


Startup stories of the week: interesting articles curated from around the startup blogosphere.

We all know that Google recently restructured and is now part of the larger entity Alphabet, of which Google is the largest company by far. The move signaled Google’s aspirations. This piece by TechCrunch looks back at some of Google’s acquisitions, many of which became integral parts of the Google machine: Google Acquisitions

People have been saying for a while that India will be the next startup hub. India, a country with over a billion people, obviously has a lot of human capital to pull from, and especially from the tech world. Many tech support call centers are based in India, and many higher-ups in Silicon Valley have Indian heritage. It is somewhat of a mystery then, why there has not yet been a huge Indian startup. This app, Hike, might change that. It allows you to talk, text, exchange files and pictures without using data or the internet. One caveat, it only works if the users are within 100 meters of each other. Still, this app could prove hugely popular in schools and other areas of concentrated population. The average user spent over 2 hours a week on the app. Find out more: The Next Big What

Another story from India. Ola is a car service similar to Uber. Likewise, Ola Share is similar to UberPool. Both allow riders to carpool with others to save money. However, Ola Share now offers an option which allows riders to share cars with people with similar social backgrounds, be it alma mater, workplace, or friends. Sounds like a good idea. Ola Share

The history of SnapChat reads a lot like that of Facebook. Young kid, elite college, power tussles between founders, then rapid growth. Check out the slideshow on TechCrunch: A Brief History of SnapChat 

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