Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Excellence


I recently read this post by Lon Harris about the Age of Excellence. It’s powerful insight into what professional life is like today.

The gist of the post is that customer reviews are omnipresent. Amazon, trip advisor, yelp, and programs of their ilk provide transparency on all products and services we consume. Being ok at what you do or even being good at what you do is no longer sufficient. You must be excellent. If there is a five-star product available, no one wants a four-star product. Do excellent work or become irrelevant. Those are your choices.

As an example, last month, I traveled to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Each hotel I chose scored in excess of four stars on trip advisor. The same was true for restaurants. Upon returning to Denver, I went on Open Table to select a couple of restaurants as part of the city’s 5280 promotion. I sought out the most highly reviewed restaurants in the city where I could find a table.

I never considered good restaurants or hotels. I picked the best of the best. No other restaurants made the list.

For all professionals, the implications are clear. You must provide five-star services. If you receive negative reviews, you must respond to them to show that you care. You must show that criticisms of the goods and services you provide are blips and aberrations that you have or you will correct.

No one is perfect, but if you want to survive in business today, you must be excellent at what you do.

As an attorney, I aim to provide five-star services to every client I have. The same should be true of all professionals who serve your organization.

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