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Summary of Colorado Blue Sky Laws (Updated)

Summary of Colorado Blue Sky Laws

I’ve found that while entrepreneurs have an excellent sense of the law when it comes to term sheets and venture deals, they have a much more limited understanding of securities laws. What’s worse, many lawyers I’ve talked to aren’t aware of the details of Colorado’s securities laws, either. Most competent attorneys know about the basics […]

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How Not to Sell a Business

empty boat

As I play in the startup game longer, a few of my clients have progressed from where they’re not just starting their businesses, but rather selling them as well. It’s fun to see the whole cycle play out – but it’s created a unique set of challenges for them and for me. One of my […]

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Revenue-Based Financing

Traditionally, if you want to raise money, you do it in one of two ways: through debt or equity financing. But angel investors who want to lend a new business money at a reasonable interest rate are rare (for good reason), and those who want to do it for a piece of the pie typically […]

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Six Things to Think about When You’re Thinking about Crowdfunding


The concept behind crowdfunding is simple and perfectly suited to the Internet. Rather than raise a lot of money from a few people, you raise a little from a lot of people. It’s easy and effective. Lots of new businesses have blossomed in catering to this market: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and RocketHub, to name a few. […]

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Term Sheet Basics for Entrepreneurs

I’ve heard some wacky stuff recently from entrepreneurs about term sheets. Some people seem inclined to throw the term around in contexts where it doesn’t belong. It’s a pretty simple concept, so I figured I’d draw up a quick primer to summarize the basics. What is a term sheet? A term sheet is a document […]

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The most expensive legal documents

The most expensive legal documents are the ones you never knew you needed until it was too late. For one example, filing a timely 83(b) election can be the difference between paying no taxes on an appreciating ownership interest in a startup and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time when you don’t […]

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Re: Aaron Swartz, Shame on the DOJ

I’m new to the “startup community,” so I have no personal connection to Aaron Swartz. I’m not close to him or anyone who is close to him. But I follow the twitter feeds of many folks who did know him, and I’ve been following the legal proceedings that have dogged him the last couple of […]


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